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*No-consultation days: Saturdays, Sundays, holidays

*The Ladies Outpatient Department (Department of Gynecology) provides medical examinations every Tuesday and Friday, daytime hours only.

The 3 characteristics of MY Medical Clinic Tamachi Mita

Directly connected to station

Good location with easy access: a 2-minute walk from Tamachi Station and directly connected to Mita Station

We accept English-speaking patients

As a clinic with a global character, we have doctors on staff who have worked overseas.

We can handle surgical treatment

The Tamachi Mita Clinic is the first in our family of clinics to be equipped with surgical facilities, and we can perform same-day surgery such as shunt procedures (vascular access, varicose vein surgery (planned), etc.).

Frequently asked questions

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About MY Medical Clinic Tamachi Mita

MY Medical Clinic Tamachi Mita, which is located on the 4th floor of Tamachi Tower, a building directly connected to JR Tamachi Station, provides general outpatient examinations. In the surgical field, in particular, we plan to offer same-day surgery such as shunt procedures (vascular access).

JR Tamachi station, traversed by the Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line, offers unparalleled access to major stations and is a popular business area where the offices of many companies are located. Because it is home to the business headquarters of many well-known major corporations, this district is bustling with business people.

Moreover, the presence of university campuses attracts many students to the area. The east side of Tamachi Station was once home to many factories, but thanks to large-scale redevelopment and the proliferation of business establishments and public facilities, it has evolved into an advanced urban center that is expected to continue undergoing rapid urban development.

Minato-ku, the ward of Tokyo in which our clinic is located, has many faces. Known as a high-end residential area and the site of a nature education park and numerous national embassies, Minato-ku is also famous as the birthplace of many trends.

Located in a central part of Minato-ku, MY Medical Clinic Tamachi Mita not only provides medical care to adults at all stages of the life cycle, but also offers multilingual service to accommodate a wider range of patients.

Moreover, because the surrounding area is a business district with the offices of many companies, we strive to provide support for the health management of working people by offering outpatient examinations on weekday evenings.

Our clinic will be located on the 4th floor of Town Tower, a new building 156 m in height that is scheduled to be completed in July. The brand new interiors will offer the utmost in cleanliness and freshness.

Clinic Director Eri Watanabe served as a trainee at an overseas medical institution and has experience treating international patients. We aim to be a globally responsive clinic that can provide health services to many people regardless of country or region of origin.

Please feel free to consult us if you have any health concerns.

Message from Clinic Director

MY Medical Clinic Tamachi Mita
Clinic Director Eri Watanabe

Our clinic supports your health from various perspectives, including “preventive medicine,” “general medicine,” “pre-travel consultations,” and “specialized outpatient departments.” We offer health examinations and vaccinations as preventive medicine. Follow-up of problematic findings that are identified by health examinations are also one other important way in which we support your health. In our outpatient department, we treat chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and also provide general medical examinations for when you are feeling unwell, with fever, etc. Highly specialized medical care, such as travel vaccines and vascular surgery, is also available.
We ensure that all staff members provide medical care closely tailored to the needs of each patient. If you have any concerns, even about minor health problems, please feel free to consult us.


  • Tamachi Tower 4F, 33-11 Shiba 5-chome,
    Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014
  • A 2-minute walk from Tamachi Station on the JR Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line, directly connected to the pedestrian deck
    Direct connection to Mita Station on the Toei Subway Mita Line and Asakusa Line
  • TEL:03-5931-0221 FAX:03-6665-8237