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*No-consultation days: Saturdays, Sundays, holidays

*The Ladies Outpatient Department (Department of Gynecology) provides medical examinations every weekdays.

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About MY Medical Clinic Otemachi

MY Medical Clinic Otemachi, which is located in a building directly connected to Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station, provides general outpatient examinations. We emphasize gastroenterology and endoscopy in particular, and our specialists can help with early detection and treatment of cancer. We aim to be the world’s best-loved clinic, and we strive to offer health support to our many patients.

Otemachi Station is the transportation hub for 5 subway lines, more than any other station in Tokyo. Like the areas around the Tokyo, Shinbashi, and Nihonbashi stations, the surrounding business district is steeped in history, and Otemachi Station is used by many business people.

The building where our clinic is located houses a number of cafes and restaurants, including Starbucks Coffee. THE SANKEI BUILDING, Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park, and Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Flagship Store are located within walking distance. For these reasons, it is a bustling community that is visited by a wide range of people, including not only working people but also tourists.

In Chiyoda-ku, the ward of Tokyo where our clinic is located, many companies establish their bases around Tokyo Station, Kanda Station, and Hanzomon Station. The high-rise buildings in the area have many corporate tenants. Our clinic is also active in providing health examinations for the employees of these companies.

With its location at the heart of the Tokyo business district, MY Medical Clinic Otemachi addresses a wide range of medical care concerns in its health examinations for corporate customers to resolve the health-related worries of working people. Not only do we offer complete health examinations and specialized examinations in such areas as gastroenterology, endoscopy, and gynecology, but we can also handle a wide range of pre-travel vaccinations and influenza vaccinations. Please feel free to contact us.

The interior of our clinic has the luxurious feel of a hotel. The clinic is equipped with the most up-to-date ultrasonography system, multislice CT, mammography, gastroscopy and colonoscopy facilities, and we can perform a wide range of tests. If anything is unclear or there are points of concern regarding the results of health examinations or complete health examinations, we can provide follow-up consultations and outpatient follow-up visits that can lead to early detection and treatment. We can also propose various optional tests, depending on the results of health examinations, in gastroenterology and other areas.

Clinic Director Kimihiro Ito is a specialist in general internal medicine and gastroenterology, and certified by Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society, as well as an industrial doctor certified by Japan Medical Association, and a specialist in the treatment of intractable diseases, certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Please feel free to consult us if you have any health concerns about employees in the area of general internal medicine, including digestive system. To make our services available to a larger number of patients, we also offer outpatient visits at night (18:00~20:00). Patients can visit us after work without waiting for a day off.

We can refer female patients to our Ladies Outpatient Department (Department of Gynecology), and we also have a Ladies Day on which we offer health examinations for women exclusively. Online consultations are available for people who would have difficulty visiting the clinic, so please feel free to consult us, even about minor health concerns.

Otemachi Clinic

Message from Clinic Director

MYメディカルクリニック大手町 院長メッセージ
MYメディカルクリニック大手町 院長メッセージ

MY Medical Clinic Otemachi
Kimihiro Ito, Clinic Director

We are sincerely committed to helping you to live a more fulfilling life by eliminating concerns found in health examinations, etc., and supporting you in your daily health management.

To make it accessible to more people, MY Medical Clinic Otemachi is conveniently located in a building with direct connection to Otemachi Station and many transportation routes.

We make “Providing the best service for working people” our motto, and we aim to be the clinic best loved by our patients.

We have established a medical services system that is safe and secure, and we strive to support busy businesspersons and their families.

Please feel free to consult us if you have any health concerns.

MYメディカルクリニック大手町 東京ドクターズ MYメディカルクリニック大手町 ドクターズ・ファイル


  • Otemachi PLACE Basement 2F, 2-3-1
    Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
  • TEL:03-4213-7265TEL:03-4213-7265
    (Weekdays 8:30 to 21:00)
  • Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station A5 Exit
    Directly connected to Otemachi PLACE Building underground walkway

Directions from the direct underground passageway from Otemachi Station


[1] Head towards the Otemachi PLACE underground walkway next to the Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station Exit A5 ticket gate.


[2] Follow the underground passage to Otemachi PLACE.


[3] Turn right out of the automatic doors towards Lawson.


[4] Enter the automatic door to the left of the Lawson entrance. The entrance to MY Medical Clinic Otemachi is on the left-hand side.


[5] Please enter through this entrance.

Directions from Otemachi Station, A5 ground exit.


[1] Exit from A5, head in the opposite direction, and cross the first pedestrian crossing. The building on your right is Otemachi PLACE.


[2] Please enter through the main entrance.


[3] Take the elevator on the left to the B2 floor.


[4] MY Medical Clinic Otemachi is located immediately on the right hand side after exiting the elevator.


[5] Please enter through this entrance.

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