Flow of health examinations

Flow of health examinations at MY Medical Clinic

Until the day before the examination

Fill out the medical questionnaire form

Please fill out the questionnaire form online by the date of the medical examination.

At the e-mail address you registered when making your appointment, you will receive an e-mail asking you to fill out the medical questionnaire form. Please enter the information according to the flow.

(For details on how to fill out the online questionnaire and deliver the results, please click here.)

If you did not register your e-mail address when making an appointment, you will receive the medical questionnaire form by mail.

Please fill out the form by the day of the examination and bring it with you.

Receive pre-examination instructions and test kits

The pre-examination instructions and test kits will be sent to you by postal mail.

Please open them and check them as soon as you receive them.

If your examination course includes a stool or urine test, please do not forget to collect your sample(s) as follows.

  • · Urine test: Collect 1 urine sample (on the morning of the day of your examination)
  • · Stool test: Collect stool samples on 2 different days (those collected within 1 week, including the day of the examination)
  • *To find out whether or not stool and urine tests are included in your examination course, please check the “Guide to Health Examinations.”

Confirmation of pre-examination precautions


Day of health examination


Please come to the reception at the scheduled time and submit the following.

  • · Test kit
  • · Medical questionnaire form or reception confirmation sheet
  • · Insurance card
  • · Other necessary documents (if any)

Please confirm the site of the health examination (clinic and floor) as stated in the “Guide to Health Examinations,” which will be mailed to you in advance.

*The Shibuya Clinic has Ladies Days on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Women should go to the 4th floor and men to the 5th floor.

Examinations and tests

You will be asked to change into an examination gown in the changing room.

Do not wear garments that have wires or straps under the examination gown.

You will be called for tests by number, so be sure to hold on to the number tag that will be given to you at the reception.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a nearby staff member.

Dressing and payment

After the health examination

Receive results