Message from MY Medical President Yuki Mizutani

Yuki Mizutani, President, Medical Corporation MY Medical


1980: Born in Tokyo
1998: Graduated from Musashi High School
2003: Established DYM Limited
2007: Graduated from the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kyorin University (obtained medical license)
2007: Changed name of company to DYM Co., Ltd.
2017: Appointed President of Medical Corporation MY Medical

Message from President

Medical expenses in Japan have ballooned to 42 trillion yen and cannot be covered by tax revenues alone.
To reduce these expenses, we need to intervene at the pre-disease stage to ensure early detection and treatment.
We hope to contribute to the reduction of medical expenses through periodic health examinations that lead to early detection of diseases. More than anything else, we hope to allay the anxiety that the people of Japan feel about health issues as much as possible.
It is in these hopes that our clinic was established.

We also recognize that preventing employees from falling ill and getting them treated immediately if they do fall ill is an important mission for companies as well.
Health examinations and preventive medicine are extremely important ways of awakening a consciousness of health condition among the valuable human resources who spend each day busy at work, and they play a vital role from the standpoint of preventing productivity declines and improving the profitability of companies.
Thus far, our clinics have helped over 2,000 companies realize better health management through periodic health examinations, complete health examinations, and other medical services.

One other thing that is important to us is closing the distance between the patient and the doctor.
No matter how advanced the medical technology and facilities, a clinic cannot be considered a good one unless it can earn the trust of patients and provide them with peace of mind.
We hope to continue supporting the health of people and companies by providing medical services that are sensitive to the feelings of individual patients.
We earnestly hope to contribute to society by helping to solve Japan’s medical problems, and we aim to become “the world’s best-loved clinic.”